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Camaró Peiro fruit stands out for its homogeneity in weight, volume and color; and subjected to all quality and health controls required by international law, from the moment of its production on the tree until delivery to the customer.
The whole process of fruit in Peiro Camaró aims to ensure that it reaches the final consumer preserving its aroma, freshness and flavor.


  • Collection at the right time of maturation.
  • Washing and comprehensive disinfection.
  • Cameras and complete disinfection.
  • Ozonificadas cold rooms.
  • Traceability code.
  • Check quality and caliber.
  • Washing with chlorinated and ozonated water.
  • QA.
  • Application layer protection.
  • Each piece is photographed.
  • Classification by commercial criteria.
  • Packaging, labeling and customization.
  • Precooled and moisture lung chamber with ozone.
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Collection at the right time of ripening

Fruit picking is always programmed based on the ideal moment of ripeness of each variety.

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Washing and comprehensive disinfection

Washing and disinfection comprehensive fungicidal both fruit itself and packaging.

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Ozone technology in cold storage

The fruit is kept in cold storage chambers which use ozone to preserve its humidity levels, freshness and aroma.

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Traceability code

Each pallet of fruit has a traceability code which includes specific information about the origin and variety of each batch.

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Quality and sizing

Quality and sizing control system

Our lab technicians carry out quality and sizing checks on each batch in order to schedule their processing.

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Washing in chlorinated and ozonated water

The fruit is washed in chlorinated and ozonated water which is obtained from our own well and subject to a process of reverse osmosis. The fruit is then dried using warm air obtained using natural gas, an environmentally friendly source of energy.

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Quality control

Our quality control system uses black light. This allows our experts to detect imperfections which do not appear in normal light.

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Protective coating

Application of a protective coating

A protective wax and fungicide coating is applied. This coating complies with all international legislation regarding MRL levels.

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Artificial vision

Each piece is photographed

Each piece of fruit is photographed at a rate of 12 times per second and then at 70 times per second to obtain precise details about its size, diameter, colour and weight. This data is then used to indicate the fruit’s density and quality.

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Sorting for customer specifications

The fruit is sorted according to each customer’s individual commercial specifications and once again inspected by our experts who remove any damaged fruit.

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Packaging, labelling and customising

The fruit is packaged, labelled and customized according to each customer’s instructions. The weight, price, offers and brands are specified in the target market language.

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Precooling and cold storage using ozone

The oranges and clementines go through through a precooling tunnel in disinfected, clearly labelled boxes and pallets before being placed in the ozone cold storage chamber, where they are kept in perfect condition before being shipped to their final destination.

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